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Photo Session for Pets

Now that you are ready to schedule a session for your special companion, I would like to explain what the session will entail.  Prior to the big day, I will ask several questions about your pet to help make the session as successful as possible.  To start, I will want to know simple details, such as the type of pet (dog, cat, horse, snake, lizard, cow, etc.), color, size, and breed of your pet.  It is also important to know your pet's personality; is he shy, anxious, energetic, etc.  Does he have a favorite toy or sleeping spot, is he allowed on the furniture, does he know basic obedience commands, have a special 'cue' word/phrase ("Go for a ride!"), and is he allowed to have special treats.  (Our feline, equine, reptile, etc. friends will have a few additional questions.)  All of this information will be used to determine the approach that will be taken, during the photo session.

It is recommended that you have your pet bathed or groomed, prior to his photo session.  You will want him to look his very best!!  After all, these pictures are going to be a lasting treasure for you to cherish.  Have a brush or comb available for touch-ups, too.DSC_5910-web

Energetic animals would benefit from a long walk or ball-chasing, prior to the photo session.  This will help him to calm down and sit for a formal portrait.

Upon arrival, I will leave my equipment in my vehicle.  I want to be able to greet your pet without frightening him with large, heavy equipment.  It is also important for me to build a connection with your pet, prior to starting the photo shoot.  He is the star and deserves to be treated as such!  

After our meet-and-greet, I will bring my equipment into your home.  For candid shots, I will use areas in your home with the best lighting.  We will discuss what will work best for these types of shots.  I want you and your pet to feel comfortable throughtout the session.  We may also venture outside to capture more candid images.

For formal shots, I will set up my portable studio in your home.  This will include  backdrops that will compliment your pet's coat and special lighting.


During our photo session, I will take many different shots of your pet.  Of course, not all images will be usable, but the finest images will be selected and processed.  Images will usually be available for your viewing about 1-2 weeks after the photo session.  You will then be able to select which images you would like to order as a keepsake.  Once an order is placed, it usually takes approximately 2 weeks for processing.  Your pet's photos are a work of art, and are treated as such, hence the longer processing time.  The quality of these images will be evident, when you receive them.

Please note:  For horses or other large animals, your photo session will be similar, except the portable studio will be set up in an area that is safest for your pet. 

I am able to set up my mobile studio in fairly tight situations.  However, if necessary, other arrangements can be made for the location of the session.

I look forward to meeting you and your special companion! 

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